Our Sensibility Technology (ST) is the technology which allows you to analyze human's complex feelings automatically from voice regardless of a word itself or individual differences. By leveraging ST, human's complex feelings can be quantitatively visualized by colors. [PDF]Documentation of the ST(16.3MB)

- Detailed psychological analysis and behavioral action prediction can be done by reviewing real-time analysis of utterance by ST's results shown by its colors and its volumes of feelings.
- The result of fMRI experiment showed a correlationship between output of ST analysis and affective (emotional) brain activity with 99.9% accuracy.[PDF]Poster of the ST (the Universty of Tokyo (Japan) + Department of Defense Medicine, National Defense Medical Collage (NDMC)(Japan) + National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)(Japan) + NeuroFocus Inc.(A Nielsen Company)(USA/Japan) 2.31MB)
- ST analysis corresponds with the speaker's feelings, exceeding the third party's subjectivity in the comparative experiment.
- Another experiment was conducted at a financial call center. As a result, ST predicted callers' action (i.e. Delay in payment, the will to apply, and others) with 80% currency.